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An International workshop on sea ducks and their food was arranged by Gotland University, June 14-16, 2011 

The workshop focused on the recent decline of sea duck populations, and on interactions between sea ducks and their food resources, in the Baltic Sea.

 The workshop covered large scale patterns and processes as well as detailed studies of sea ducks and their food, habitat use, movements, migration patterns, breeding biology and population dynamics. The workshop also discussed future research needs, especially within the Baltic region. 


Paul Flint, Alaska, USA,  Henrik Skov, Denmark, Sture Hansson, Sweden, Lennart Balk, Sweden, Helmut Kruckenberg, Germany, Mikael Kilpi, Finland, Ramunas Zydelis, Lithuania, Wlodzimierz Meissner, Poland, Jochen Bellebaum, Germany, Catherine Legrand, Sweden, Peter Waldeck, Sweden, Jan Kube, Germany, Leif Nilsson, Sweden, Martti Hario, Finland, Andres Kuresoo, Estonia, Leho Luigujöe, Estonia,  Tony Fox, Denmark, Kjell Larsson, Sweden, Monika Dorsch, Germany, Ainars Aunins, Latvia.

A summary from the workshop can be downloaded here